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Comment trouver numero pour suivre son colis UPS ?

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ami ou un gardien. En outre, vous pouvez demander qu’il soit déposé à un point relais UPS, ou à un centrex de retrait UPS Access Point.

UPS propose également la possibilité de programmer une livraison re-programmable ou livraison en soirée. Pour accéder à ces services, vous devez être membre d’UPS My Choice.

concierge or building manager. He is able to deliver your package to a UPS access point.

Please be aware that managing your delivery preferences and updating your delivery address may result in additional charges for non-UPS My Choice members.

Does UPS make deliveries on public holidays?

UPS drivers do not make deliveries on public holidays as listed on their website.

Does UPS deliver on Saturdays?

UPS provides Saturday delivery service depending on the shipment specifics. It is up to the shipper to decide whether to bear the extra fees for a delivery on that day.

Please note that Saturday deliveries are only available for Express shipments.

Does UPS deliver on Sundays?

UPS does not carry out deliveries on Sundays. For urgent delivery, it will be necessary to use UPS’ Express service and schedule a Saturday delivery, taking into account possible additional fees.

Is UPS delivery with or without a signature?

This depends on the geographical areas and the shipper. If specified by the shipper, an adult signature will be required.

Customers enrolled in the UPS My Choice service can electronically sign for their package before the scheduled delivery date. However, this is not possible if the shipper requires a signature or if your delivery preferences specify handing the package over to a third party.

In any case, if you are unable to sign or have someone else sign for your shipment, it can be redirected to a nearby UPS access point.

How to find a UPS drop-off, center, or access point nearby?

To locate a UPS center in your area, you can use the search tool available on the UPS website.

You will need to specify the city and country for your search and then choose from the options provided to obtain more details about the operating hours for the desired services.


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