Trouver Numero en Belgique | Comment contacter la station LN RADIO (Anciennement DH RADIO) ?

Comment contacter la station LN RADIO (Anciennement DH RADIO) ?

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LN Radio is a private Belgian radio station owned by the IPM group. It was established in 2014 as Twizz Radio, before rebranding as DH Radio in 2014.

The station was launched on January 20, 2014, featuring a diverse music programming and news broadcasts.

In 2015, the IPM group decided to change the name to DH Radio. The station then shifted its focus to music programming and news, including hourly news bulletins.

In 2022, DH Radio rebranded as LN Radio. The station adopted a new visual identity and a new positioning, featuring a more positive and brighter music programming.

LN Radio’s programming consists of pop, rock, electronic, and urban music. The station also offers hourly news bulletins as well as news and society programs.

LN Radio is a generalist radio station with a broad audience. It is broadcasted on FM throughout French-speaking Belgium and is now one of the leading French-speaking radio stations in Belgium.

  • How to reach LN RADIO?
  • How to listen to LN RADIO?

Ways to reach LN RADIO

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Phone

Do you want to contact LN RADIO for information about the radio station, its programs, to react to a show, or make a suggestion…

To contact LN RADIO, you will need to get in touch with IPM:


Rue des Francs 79,

1040 Brussels

How to listen to LN RADIO?

Do you want to tune in to the LN RADIO station?

Il vous sera possible d’écouter la station :

  • À l’aide de votre poste de radio en réglant sur les fréquences suivantes :
  • Arlon 101 Fm
    • Bruxelles 101,4 Fm
      • Charleroi 101,4 Fm
        • Condroz 106.4 Fm
        • Dinant 107,2 Fm
        • Perwez 90,1 Fm
        • Hesbaye 97,4 Fm
        • Huy 105,6 Fm
        • Jodoigne 107,9 Fm
        • La Louvière 95,6 Fm
        • Libramont 105,5 Fm
        • Liège 103,2 Fm
        • Mons 107,2 Marche 105,5 Fm
        • Namur 99,7 Fm
        • Nivelles 107,1 Fm
        • Spa 107,9 Fm
        • Tournai 106,5 Fm
        • Verviers 107,6 Fm
        • Waterloo 106,9 Fm
        • Wavre 95,4 Fm

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