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CHERIF FM (Belgium) was founded in 1990 by NGroup.

NGroup is a Belgian media group that also owns other radio stations such as NRJ Belgium, Nostalgie Belgium, and Fun Radio Belgium.

CHERIE FM Belgium broadcasts programs focusing on French and international hits, as well as a mix of pop and variety music.

In 2008, CHERIE FM Belgium had to face the closure of many private radio stations in Belgium, and it was only in 2015 that it was relaunched as an online web radio streaming service.

In 2023, CHERIE FM is one of the most popular music radio stations in Belgium and is listened to by 1 million listeners every week.

  • How to reach the customer service of CHERIE FM (Belgium)?
  • How to listen to CHERIE FM (Belgium)?

Ways to contact customer service at CHERIE FM (Belgium)

  • Contact Form
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Email

If you would like to contact CHERIE FM (Belgium) for information about the radio channel, programming, to reach the editorial team, for partnership inquiries, to give feedback on a show, or to make a suggestion…

CHERIF FM (Belgium) can be reached via a contact form, by email or by phone at:

02 513 28 08

To send mail to CHERIE FM (Belgium), the contact address is:

Nostalgie Belgium S.A

Chaussée de Louvain 775/1

1140 Brussels

How to listen to CHERIE FM (Belgium)?

Would you like to know how to listen to the radio station CHERIE FM (Belgium)? You can listen:

  • Through the app :
  • Through Sonos smart speakers, using the radio app by Tunein.

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